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10 Laws or 10 Characteristics

Ten“… the laws of GOD are not simply external statutes, published and passed by some congress in heaven; rather, the laws of GOD reflect HIS very character. They are an expression of GOD HIMSELF. So to break any of GOD’s laws is to live against GOD. It is to live contrary to HIM” Mark Dever

I have been reading 9 Marks of a Healthy Church by Mark Dever and he made this statement about the laws of GOD. I got to thinking about this.We know GOD cannot sin. (1 John 3:5) That is because HE cannot go against HIS very character. GOD cannot lie steal murder. Because GOD does not change his character.(1 Samuel 15:29) We however do lie steal covet murder and so on.(Romans 3:10-18) That is why “It is appointed for men to die once, but after this judgement…” (Hebrews 9:27) GOD will judge us by HIS very character known to us as the ten commandments. The punishment for this is Hell. (Revelation 21:8) BUT GOD so love us that he gave us HIS only begotten SON… (John 3:16) The only way to save us or change us was for there to be a sacrifice. That sacrifice was JESUS. HE paid our debt. So because of JESUS we now have a new heart with GOD’s character upon us (Galations 2:20)


The Great Omission

A good friends of the family (The Brawleys) gave me a book to read that he just read. The Great Omission by Steve Saint. I dont k now when I will get started on it but I am going to give it a try soon. I have a new goal: Read two books each month. If this goal goes well I might add more books to the goal. Laurie and I have cut out TV and add reading to our entertainment. I really am enjoying this endeavor!

9 Marks

"We are to be walking pictures of the moral nature and righteous character of GOD, reflecting it around the universe for all to see-especially in our union with GOD through CHRIST. This, therefore, is what GOD calls us to and why HE calls us to it. HE calls us to join together with HIM, and together in our congregations, not for our glory but for HIS own."
(Mark Dever)

I bought a new book yesterday when Laurie and I was out. So far I find it very interesting. I like the ideas he has and the way he is going with it. I will write more as I read more.


Charles Spurgeon "Grace moreover, sits on the throne because it has established itself thereby right. There is no injustice in the grace of GOD. GOD is as just when he forgives a believer as when he casts a sinner into hell. I believe in my own soul that there is as much and as pure a justice in the acceptance of a soul who believes in CHRIST as there will be in the rejection of those souls who die impenitent and are banished from JEHOVAH's presence. The sacrifice of CHRIST has enabled GOD to "be just, and [also] the justifier of him which believeth in JESUS" (Romans 3:26). He who knows the word substitution and can give its right meaning will see that there is nothing due to punitive justice from any believer, seeing that JESUS CHRIST has paid all the believer's debts. Now GOD would be unjust if HE did not save those for whom CHRIST vicariously suffered, for whom HIS righteousness was provided, and to whom it is imputed. Grace is on the throne by conquest, and it sits there by right."

This is taken from the book I am reading. "The power in Prayer" by Spurgeon. I was just so taken back by the truth laid in this small paragraph that I had to post it. Hope you love it as much as I have.

Pilgrims Progress

Pilgrim's ProgressSo Laurie and I are starting a book together. We decided a good one would be The Pilgrim's Progress. Since we already own a copy, we are going to start tonight. I will fill you in as we go along.
We read a few pages tonight but did not get far. Just to the "slouth of despair". I find it very interesting how he incorperated scripture through the pages. The names of things are cool too.