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The door

hello! Went to the Door/Fort Worth last night! Saw TFK and Ace. They rocked the house! On a small note but a big one,,,,this goes out to Sarah Denice. I will have both cams on me tomorrow morning while I clean my room. 🙂 It will start when I get up and the cams will be off by noon. Hope you see me. 😉 Ya’ll have a great Friday night!


C13 rocks

Hey guys and gals. Last night concert was great! C13 rocks!!!! Buck Enterprise did a good job too.Everyone should have been there, even though it was freak’n cold. Texas is not ment to be this cold in March!!!! 🙂 Keep warm fellow crucifieders.


if you were not at the Huningtons concert last night ..ya’ll are a bunch of losers!! 🙂 It was so cool. Well, not much is up ‘cept getting ready to go to work. Later.


Hey all you punkrockers! The Huntingtons
are going to be at CLUB 412
tonight. I am going to be there and so is the Stinkbug
! Hope to see ya’ll too! PUNK ON!!!

mellow weekend

Well this weekend was a lot mellower then last but was a great one. Went to the Door in Ftworth and so several punk rock bands Friday night.

Saturday slept all day then went to a party that a friend was having.

Sunday went to church and learn that GOD is calling us to be peace makers. Of coarse GOD has been telling this to me since last week of last year. Today starts my new work hours. I work days now instead of overnights. 😦 Please pray for me. 🙂 Talk to you guys and gals later.

Good Weekend

Hey guys and gals!! Just thought I’d tell ya that I had a wonderful weekend. Saw Harry Potter Friday. It was good. Good for the kids. I loved Saturday when I got to see Ace Troubleshooter and I also interveiwed them with Justin. Wow. It was great. Sunday was cool. Church was great always and then that night I went and saw A Beautiful Mind. That was a great movie! Well Got to go to bed now. Later Punks and norms. 🙂