This 4HBx Morning Measurements

Its taking awhile but finally seeing #s drop again. 🙂

Weight: 230.2 lbs (down)

Body Fat: 34.7% (down)


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2 responses to “This 4HBx Morning Measurements

  • SlowCarbVegan

    Wow, you’ve dropped quite a bit…. congrats… it’s good to see the progress even if it’s small….at least it’s constant. I’m hoping I’ll get back to losing weight this week. I’m down about 3 lbs from where I started, but I need to definitively break the 200 lb mark!

    • Christopher

      Thanks. The hard part of any diet is that it takes time. We always forget that it took time to get fat so it will take time to lose it. I have been very impressed with my numbers so far, but depress when I flat line for two weeks. 🙂 Still feel a lot better today then I did in January.

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