The Mobile World

I have been very impressed on the reaction of the iPhone since it has come to this little blue speck in the universe.  The gift of true “mobileness”. The real thing is that the general public loves simple things (the device to be smarter and user to be dumber operation). This is what was given to us in the smart phone market. Now it is being handed to us in the form of tablets, only after we were giving the netbook to get use to small computing devices. I am exciting at this MWC11 because you will see a huge release of mobile devices that will rock your world and make it hard to decide what will be best to get.

It is good seeing Palm’s webOS come to the market under HP. I was real sad in thinking we were going to lose such a great OS as webOS is. I wished RIM bought it instead of HP to change the whole Blackberry world but it looks like we might just lose RIM if they do not get their act together. More mobile type OS’s released is a good for everyone. So maybe we will still see RIM become a new player

I wish Windows did not change the phone OS to Win Phone from Win Mobile. They could of move their Mobile OS to the tablet instead of wasting everyone’s time by shoving a large OS on a tablet (just to prove the point of what they been trying to do 20 years). WAKE UP MS its a mobile world now! Think of what you could do with “WIN mobile” Zune/Tablet/Phone/Car. Do what you have always done … Follow the Apple. 😉

Now Apple. I have to put a disclaimer here. Even though I am happy Apple boast the mobile world I do like Apple as much as I did. Hate comes to mine when I think of Apple, similar to how Adam felt about it in the Garden of Eve (the idea of sin was better then the actual doing).They seem to think the future is a lock down platform where you give them you life to get the best devices. Beyond the fact that Apple wants to play the “Hitler” of the mobile world, they have improved the concept of mobile operations the best ….. until today.

Enter the sweet freedom of Android. Now if you know me you know that I am an Android supporter all the way. After seeing the new version for tablets (Honeycomb), I am even more excited at what a mobile device can do! I believe this is the year of Android takeover, we have seen numbers already proving this and nobody is negative above how great Android 3.0 is. Now comes the sad part .. fragmentation. With Phone Carriers decided when updates happen and when they don’t you have the awful fragmentation of Android where so many fans are being left behind on the goodies. The best desserts are left for newer devices which is beginning to sound like a “fruit” decision.

What about MeeGo? The “open source, Linux project which brings together the Moblin project, headed up by Intel, and Maemo, by Nokia, into a single open source activity.” Well, since it looks like Nokia is falling apart and going with WP7, this will become what Linux has always been … the hackers, geeks, nerds OS that nobody hears about. Sad. Since I really see a lot in this OS that could compete with the rest of them. Maybe RIM will go this way! 😉

So there you have it. My view of the mobile market. Six er.. five er.. four .. um at least three really great ones and a few hopefuls. By 2012 everyone will be either owning or begging for one the OS in their little hands.


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