What OS is good for the netbook?

I own an Asus 1005HA netbook. I have been wondering what is the best OS  for it. It came with Windows XP, which quite frankly was just out of date. (no offense to those who still use it) I seriously can not see how these netbooks got off to such a great start with Windows XP but looking at what Linux had to offer at the time XP was the best offer.

So what about now? XP is out and 7 is in. I got lucky and got a $50 Windows 7 Home Premium upgrade during the promotion. Windows 7 has been a great OS and as much as I love it, I have also thought it too much for a netbook. I mean that unless you are using your netbook for your only PC it is too much of an OS for a netbook. Of coarse  “Netbooks are … designed for Web browsing, email, and less-demanding media applications.” I would disagree with “less-demanding media applications” because I use mine for Amazon movies and Netflix without issues, but as you see it is widely considered not a full OS computer. So what OS?

Well lets make a list at some that found.

  1. GOS
  2. Ubuntu (NBR, EeeUbuntu, Lucid, CrunchBang)
  3. K9
  4. Mint
  5. Moblin
  6. Android
  7. Chromium

This is my challenged: To test these on my netbook and come up with an answer to my question … What is the best OS for my netbook? Here is how I am going to do this, I will run each one these OSes by themselves for one week.  Maybe as I go through these I can help you to decide also.


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8 responses to “What OS is good for the netbook?

  • D. Dieterle

    Good Idea. I upgraded all of my home machines across the board to Windows 7 with mixed results.

    I have an Acer Aspire 7720 that had Vista on it. I put Windows 7 on it and it is much faster.

    I have a Pentium 4HT 3.2Gh desktop with 1.5GB of RAM that had Windows XP on it. It is almost unusable with Windows 7 on it.

    And I have a Core i5-720 with 4GB of RAM. I dual boot Ubuntu 9.10 with Compiz and Windows 7. It runs amazing with both.

    I do have many problems with Internet Explorer 8 though on all the machines. Slow, random crashes, just a pain, I am thinking of dropping IE 8 all together and going to Firefox (which works fine on all of the systems).

  • A.Y. Siu

    If you need to play Netflix streaming, none of the OSes you want to try will work.

    You’ll need Windows for that.

  • Jason

    Still haven’t heard what our company HP Mini 300 will come equipped with but the thinking is probably Windows 7. But it is a company/corporate piece of equipment and therefore will be treated as our only source to connect to our corporate headquarters and we are expected to do everything that is required of those actually in the office. Come to think of it, I will be surprised if it doesn’t come with Windows 7.

  • Christopher

    OK OK I know I have not gotten to doing this yet. Been busy with sick kids and holidays. But I have started this week with two Android and MeeGo.

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