What I Add at Every PC reStart

I have been asked several times what I use on a new OS when I install it. Now I never have used a Mac but on Windows I always go in this order.

  1. Microsoft Update –I always run update to make sure the OS is secured and running smooth.
  2. Microsoft Security Essentials-Now that Microsoft offers a great free virus protector I install it next.
  3. CCleaner-Put this in and run it to clean up installation files and registry before I start adding in all what I want. Side note:always change erase settles to wipe more then once.
  4. IOBit’s Smart Defrag– Of coarse you want everything lined up so defrag now. I use Smart Defrag first.
  5. Mozilla FirefoxChrome Browser – Fast start-up, Fast loading, Fast search and soon Flash Sand Boxed.
  6. Hijack This-Always the best Spyware protector. I only add this one because you don’t need much since Windows Defender is Loaded when you update.
  7. VLC Media-Plays everything.
  8. Open Office-You need office software and you don’t want to pay or steal.. this is the best.
  9. Pidgin-Because I like to stay connected to whatever client you have and the pidgin does it all.
  10. Foxit Reader-As they say on their web site “NO BLOAT PDF Reader”
  11. Zinio Reader– I love my PC Magazine and I love it digitally.
  12. Steam-I am a huge Portal Fan.
  13. Black Viper-Not something I add but something I do. Clean up running programs.
  14. I don’t have a program for this but lastly I kill all startups but the ones I really need. I don’t like waiting forever for a PC to boot.
  15. Last step  CCleaner and Smart Defrag one more time.


  1. Secunia – Provides security advisories and information about patches, and provides software for vulnerability management. A cool software that keeps things updated!

Now I am ready for all I want to do. Hope that helps.


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