An oppressive condition of physical, mental, social, or economic distress

This is the way I have felt all week. It has been building up for awhile but I have tried to pretend it was not there. Laurie and I are not making it financially. We are not even close. I am having to look for work.. more work. Mowing lawns on the side has been a bad idea because I have not mowed in over a month. I started at applying on-line at several places in hopes of a quick response. My friends I ask you to pray that God will be with my family while I am away more often. Pray also for me because this will be a spiritual struggle because with a new job means most likely no time for anything else including church and reading. Pray also this will be profitable in a way to pull us out of this financial mess not drag us in further. I am not asking for donations because we are in this because of our own foolishness. I just need strength and prayer.


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