Google this? Yahoo that? AOL everywhere? Vista only?

Now don’t get me wrong… I like Google! I just think that there is too much gadgets being shoved down our hard drives! First I can not get an ISP without downloading a bunch of junk from Yahoo or AOL or somebody else. Now I cant get an OS under 10 gigabytes! What happened to letting me decide what I want on MY PC! First there was Konfabulator which I loved. Then Mac stole it and put it in their OS NOW Microsoft has their version on Vista, which comes no where near to what I loved about Konfabulator!

Well, I just got the new Vista OS (HP gave it to me for free) for my new HP Laptop and this thing is HUGE. Loaded to the cooling fans with gadgets galore. I have already lost 30 gigs of hard drive space before I can put any of what I want on my laptop. Forget saving pictures and movies for the “media Center” because my 80 gigs isn’t going to last long before its max. Memory is already a waste because just sitting it is using over half a gig of ram! The sad part is this … I am not allowed to remove what I will never use. Do I want Windows mail? NO but you must leave it on your machine wasting space. How bout this Media Center? NO I watch TV in a box with an antenna! How bout IE? as pretty as it is I only use it to update Windows because I love FIREFOX! What about Windows Messenger? No thanks! I use Trillion because there is so many stupid messengers out there all my friends don’t know what to choose! All I want is an OS to be simple and secure! Let me decided what I want to install to decorate it! Let me decide what I want my laptop to do. I am an intelligent human that can decide what I like and what I want without a big giant corporate identity telling me different.


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