we’re having a baby

baby I know I have not blogged in a long while. It is because I was living. I love to blog about life and everything that is going on, but sometimes life doesn’t give me time to blog. So here’s an update…

Laurie and I are having a baby!!! She is 16 weeks along now. You can pray for us because we have not found a doctor for her yet. Lucky our normal doctor was a OBGYN and been helping us out until we find one.

We have moved out of the house we were in into an apartment. I think tucker (our dog) really misses our backyard.

Spiritually we have been studying the foreknowledgr of GOD and his predestination. So if I have time I will be blogging alot about whats is going on.

oh and about the last blog I wrote… I have still not gotten rid of my TV. I am started a fast for thirty days without it. That began three days ago.


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