Self imposed putrefaction


another song about how much tv sucks
washes your brain of intelligence
you sit around all night and day
was life really meant to be this way?
watching your life go down the tube
and you wonder why every day’s a re-run
nothing different happens nothing new
your life’s a show and the show is over.
a waste of time of a created mind
star trek’s been airing far to long
can you sleep at night without sight
and sound what ever happened to reality?
-MXPX T.V. Sucks

I was reading the life section in the Star-Telegram on Sunday. On the front page was an article called “What Makes you Happy?” by Tim Madigan. “For many Americans, the pursuit of happiness translates into stocking up on plasma TVs, SUVs and McMansions. But research suggests true bliss has little to do with material goods.” Basically, He discusses the fact that TV is the cause of our depression in the USA. There were two good arguments make his case. One argument is violence, sex, lies (I will add blaspheme, adultery, murder, dishonoring of parents …so on) that covers the screen daily. Now does these things happen in the world daily? Yes it does but not every 30 seconds that TV gives you. Second argument is the massive force fed advertisements. Not only is there commercials but also in the shows them selves there are ads. I am told that I need the right car the right deodorant, the right phone, the right…. just to be “in” or be “cool” which will fulfil my ever needs to be happy. Tim remarks that this kind of advertising “…causes us to confuse needs and wants”. He go on to suggests turn off the TV ( I agree 100%) and to return to the glory days before TV and be with your family playing cards, board games, or go to the park. And join clubs, unions, PTAs….. and so on. I really like this idea. I think its time to kill the TV. This is really true if you are a true believer. Get rid of it and get out there and witness. Read GOD’s word and go to church! No more TV!

“…Sitting in my room seducing me
27 inches and colored screen
no where to run no where to hide
its to darn cold outside
you repulse me but I always seem to turn you on
I am rolling rolling rolling you out the door
I have had my fun and now I am done I don’t need you anymore
I am rolling you out the door”
-Calibretto My T.V. Affair


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