Well, I know I have not written in awhile. I do have my reasons. It is called Life. Sometimes life moves so fast you don’t have time to write it down. Sometimes life moves in a way that you can not find the words to say what has happened. Both these apply to my last three weeks.

First of all, some victories are small. There have been some people who think that from my pastor e-mail that there was no reason to praise GOD. I praise GOD from the very small victory of that he realized he must look into the emergent movement more. I understand that the act of him moving Laurie and I out of the class and allowing this teacher to keep on teaching is not a victory. After lots of prayer, Laurie and I have started looking for a new church. There was several reasons why I decided to move on and not fight. The most important reason was the fact that Laurie is a young Christian and I want the best teaching for her and not falsehood. Dont worry about us , cause through we have found a really great church and we are thinking of joining them. More on our new church later.

Second, This is the hardest thing to write. In matter of fact I have no idea how to word it. Laurie and I have lost our first baby to a miscarriage on the 8th of July. This was very hard and Laurie has gone through a lot. We have another doctor visit this week and I think she has to have a DNC. But understand this, Laurie and I both know that GOD numbers every lifes time on earth and GOD took our baby home very early. We trust GOD with everything that happens in our life and we know GOD works all things for good. We give HIM all glory.

last, I will start writing more again.


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