Give GOD Glory

Three Cross HillGOD has answer my prayers! I want to praise GOD for every thing he has shown me lately. I want to praise HIM for giving me the strength to stand up for HIM. I want to thank HIM for using me. I pray that I stay humble and remain in HIM as HE teaches me more and guides me through these last days. Why do I give all Glory to GOD? Becuase I could not have written the e-mail I wrote or even sent it to the church without HIM! How do I know HE was at work? By the very e-mail I received from my pastor…..

"I am honored by your convictions, beliefs, research, and passion for pure gospel message. I, too, agree with Piper (and have read several of his books and even been to his church in Minnesota) and am disturbed by the quotes you listed. I guess I have not been exposed to these kinds of teachings from the emergent church.

My suggestion is that you stop attending that class, which of course, is what you are already doing. Adult II is a class of young couples, and the teaching approach is the traditional bible study method. The couples may be a few years older, but the two of you would fit in. A few of the couples were on the marriage retreat.

I would greatly hate to lose the two of you from our church. Your passion for people and truth are needed. However, as your pastor who wants the best for you and your wife, I want you to be in the best church for you. If you feel like you cannot worship, serve, and grow in this fellowship, then it is better to find another fellowship than to just stay at home.

Having said that, please don't leave this fellowship too quickly. Give Adult 2 a try before you do!"


Please, if you have been praying for me and my church don't stop. My pastor still has a lot to go through over the next few weeks. Pray that GOD's Truth is preached and taught in my church. And as always please give GOD the glory for that is why we are here.


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