Emergent Screams

Emerging ScreamWell, they have done it to me. I have become frustrated, confused and angry. I am an emotional man. Ask anyone and they will tell you that I have passion. My soul passion is to see that the Gospel is sent to the entire world and my second is that the Truth of GOD is preach and taught in my local church.

Well, I have not talk about the meeting I had on Monday about the emergent in my church. Manly because I guess the shock was still there. I really wanted to resolve this in a way that only left me believing that the Truth of GOD is being preached and taught in my church. I must admit while I was there in the meeting, I felt a little nervous and did not feel that I presented my point correctly. I listen to a lot and spoke some and left feeling comfortable. Then about an hour or two later it all hit me! I just compromised my belief by leaving that meeting and letting that emergent Sunday School teacher stay in the place of teaching! What was I thinking! OH I remember it was the fact that I did not have all my facts straight and he caught me on that. Well, I have done MORE research on the so call conversation.

First let me make a point. The emerging conversation talks about going back to the original church to find out what it believed and say that "this is Truth". While doing that they change core Truths of GOD to fit their understanding. One being Hell. They have been known to say that Hell is not eternal but temporal place of punishment for GOD will redeem all things to HIM. Then what did CHRIST died for?

"GOD did not ordain the cross of CHRIST or create the lake of fire in order to communicate the insignificance of belittling HIS glory. The death of the SON of GOD and the damnation of unrepentant human beings are the loudest shouts under heaven that GOD is infinitely holy, and sin is infinitely offensive, and wrath is infinitely just, and grace is infinitely precious, and our brief life-and the life of every person in your church and in your community-leads to everlasting joy or everlasting suffering. If our preaching does not carry the weight of these things to our people, what will? Veggie Tales? Radio? Television? Discussion groups? Emergent conversations?

GOD planned for HIS SON to be crucified (Revelation 13:8 2 Timothy 1:9) and for hell to be terrible (Matthew 25:41) so that we would have the clearest witnesses possible to what is at stake when we preach. What gives preaching its seriousness is that the mantle of the preacher is soaked with the blood of JESUS and singed with fire of hell. That the Mantle turns mere talkers into preachers. Yet tragically some of the most prominent evangelical voices today diminish the horror of the cross and the horror of hell-the one stripped of its power to bear our punishment, and the other demythologized into self-dehumanization and the social miseries of this world."

John Piper

I have more on this but need to go prepare dinner but you will see a lot on this in the next few weeks.


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2 responses to “Emergent Screams

  • livingjourney

    Fantastice Post!!!….the church is becoming more like laodicea every day. I have done some research on the emergent thing… and Mclaren especially, really worries me. He endorses Ken Wilber. Have you heard of him?
    Goodluck with your blog, I will re-visit.

  • Christopher

    Sorry But I have not heard of Ken Wilber. So I did what I always do and Google him. I learn enough on his web site to stay away from it. Then I read "recommendations" by Brian McLaren and two books by Wilber show up on his list of good reads.

    "A Theory of Everything and The Marriage of Sense and Soul
    These two books by philosopher Ken Wilber are not “Christian” books, but the way of thinking Wilber promotes and exemplifies – which he calls “integral” thinking and which I call “emergent” thinking – is powerful and important, in my opinion."

    So I see what you mean…….

    By the way thanks so much for dropping by. I will be checking out your site soon. 🙂

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