me church

Heard this the other day on WOTMR and I finally was able to see the video. I wonder how many attend? Probably the most relevant church out there today. 🙂

me church


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2 responses to “me church

  • Angela

    "Chris at work" photo is way too you
    I am glad you aren't going to take Chris Long's place, you would lose
    a big part of who you are
    the poto of you and Laurie is nice, I have a feeling she brings out
    the best in you
    i have read some of you writings and i know you will continue
    your search for God, peace and what is right in this world i may
    not agree with everything but i love your fight keep it up
    why does the writing go all the way across the page with a lot
    of red letters in the front and at the end of each sentence

  • Christopher

    I am not sure where the “red letters” are and what you are talking about? Sorry I don t get the “red letters” as you do but thanks for commenting! I am glad you dropped by.
    I like that pic also and the one with me sticking my tongue out is a funny one.
    Laurie does compliment me very well. I am so glad that GOD brought us together.
    I no longer search for GOD because HE found me. By HIS SON’s great sacrifice, I am saved. I thank GOD every day for what HE has shown me and by how HE has loved me. Because HE first loved me, I am able to love HIM and I am able to love others.

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