The Bible


“The book called the Bible has been voted by men, and decreed by human laws to be the word of God; and the disbelief of this is called blasphemy.”

(Thomas Paine)

Well, the new arguments in my Sunday School class seems to be whether the Bible in inerrant or not.

in·er·rant (ĭn-ĕrənt) adj.

  1. Incapable of erring; infallible.
  2. Containing no errors.

As much as I want to write a lot of stuff here I think the article “The Bible Delivered to us Today” at Let Us Reason explains it well.


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2 responses to “The Bible

  • Justin

    Should this be a topic worthy of consideration in what is supposed to already be a bible believing church? Or is it just a waste of time?

  • Christopher

    I think you hit the nail on the head with ” waste of time” but to those who are new Christians and want to learn more there are some great teachers out there. Like the guys at Let us reason and men like John MacArthur who just release his study Bible in NASB version which is a must have for all believers

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