This is the letter I sent to Comp USA today. It should explain how today went.

"Today (December 17, 2003) I went shopping in your store for a laptop docking tool. I found one on the shelf for $79.99 plus it had a $20 instant rebate and a $10 mail in coupon. At $49.99 I was very happy! I went to check out and it rang up $99.99!? I told the cashier that it was marked different. She answer with "Oh, yeah that was a different one and we are out of it." So I said "but this was in its place along with several others like it." She smile and said "Yeah, that happen earlier but its wrong." I told her that it was not my fault they have not changed the price and I would like it for what it says please. She told me that she could not help me. After standing a few seconds finally I said "well…get me someone who can." The guy in charged took me over the product to see if I was telling the truth! While there it was in plain sight that I was right but instead of giving the product to me for $59.99 , he told me I could have it for $79.99. I told him I understood he could not honor the mail in rebate because it was the wrong product but he could honor the $20 instant off as well. He proceeded to tell again that it was the wrong product in the wrong spot but he could only give it to me for $79.99.
This is where I left your store. Now I spend at $2000.00 a year in computer parts and things that your store sells. I love the fact that most things in your store are very compatible with internet prices (if you add shipping cost). I have told others that your store is a great and friendly store. But NOW I will not. All of this over $40 that you could have been nice and worked with me this time. Thank you for taking time to hear me out. I am sorry you do not have associates that believe in customer satisfaction brings in more money.

Christopher Miller"


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