Well, It has been a long week. I hate being sick and emotional. But it is over so on with the new week. Yesterday I spent the morning with Laurie and her mom shopping for clothes. I had fun. Her mother is cool. Laurie and I also snick away and check out the “Star” that we will be getting somewhere down the line. Yes the “star” is code for those that know what we are talking about. And if you can’t figure it out better ask someone with some intelligence…:-) ! After that wonderful giddy time (:-D) we headed for her family reunion. Which was fun also but on two hours of sleep for that day when I got back I just crash ( which was 12:30 at night). Today was good. Met some new people at church. Numbers was low because it is summer. I am supposed to plan our class canoe trip for July. I cant wait it sounds like fun. I love the outdoors. Not much else is going on. Just doing laundry and sleeping today. Wish Laurie was here instead of Tolar but thats life…..


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