well, I know this is sort of late news but I got a deposit on my soon to be my apartment. Yeah, I look at the one they were giving me and love were it is at! Sweet. I cant wait to get back on my own. Move in date is just 3 weeks away. I am dreading the whole transfer of bills. You know the electric …a new phone number…even moving my dsl. I am lazy when it comes to things like this. I rather it all just magically change when you pay your first rent payment. Even worse is moving your junk from one place to another. I think that is why I dont collect much junk. I cant seem to stay in one place long enough so who wants to move a bunch of stuff.

I had a great weekend this last one. I got to see the Dead Kennedys which I have wanted to since like I was a kid in high school. Yeah I am old, but who cares I dont act it or look like it! 🙂 I got to go to church with Laurie (one in whom I am madly in love with….if y’all have not gotten that already by previous posts 🙂 ) which is like real important to me. I love GOD with all my heart and want HIM to be the guide in Laurie’s and my relationship. GOD has brought her into my life so why not keep HIM number one in our relationship.

Which brings me to finally talk about Laurie and I. I truly believe that she is a blessing from GOD in my life. It is just extremely awesome timing how she ended up with me. I use to believe that no matter how much I really wanted someone it was just in GOD’s hands that I was going to be a loner the rest of my life. Even though I dated and long secretly before GOD to have someone, i figure it was just my lot in life to be the “lone wolf.” Until Laurie…. She is so great. It is like we have been with each other my entire life yet we only been with each other a month. ( a month… which is like my third longest relationship..others barley pass two weeks before the women left me) She was truly molded by GOD to be my better half. We click in ways that noone has ever have with me. I love her. See what she does to me…I have been swooned and become a hopeless romantic. I love you Laurie!

On a different note….Starflyer 59 is going to be at The Door on May the 4th. If you have not heard this band you need to go. They are so cool. I on the other hand can not spend any money during the month of May until I get completely moved in. 😦

Later PUNKS! 🙂


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