a crazy morning

Well, not much is going on…Work last night was boring as normal. Here’s a gross story for ya…. My roomate has this cat she got from a good friend of ours and it is having trouble adjusting to the new home and with the other cat that she owns. So like it is throwing up everywhere. That is not the gross part.. 🙂 I got up about 20 minutes ago and head to the bathroom ( you know like you normally do when you first get up) and like step in this wet slippery stuff..YUCK!…yeah you guess it. She up chuck right there in the door way. Gross. I wonder if I will ever be a good dad if I can’t stand dealing with pet problems. 😦 Oh well…

Charles SpurgeonI was reading “Morning by morning” by C.H. Spurgeon.( a devotional book) awhile ago. I try to read it everyday but sometimes get behind. I was reading Jan 8 day ( because I thought yesterday when I woke up it was the 9 already oops I was wrong) and like he was making a point that struck me dumb founded. He said that even our pursuit to GOD in our life has iniquity(sin). See in the Old Testiment in Exodus 28:38 “Aaron had the bear the iniquity of the holy things which the sons of Isreal consecrated that they may be accepted before the LORD.” Of coarse JESUS took that place and bears our sins so that we can be accepted to our LORD but not just sins that we do to remove ourselfs from GOD but the sins we have when we try to go to GOD. Even more reasons to look to the cross with awe because there is NO holiness in us apart from JESUS. Without HIM we are truly nothing. Well, I will end here on my long windiness ( is this a word?) and say goodbye. Need to work on the web site more before I head out to the Jobs… Later


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